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Discipline Committee
  • The committee will constantly monitor overall development progress of the college.
  • It will prepare a general development policy for each year.
  • It will keep a watch on the students that they do not take the ragging.
  • It will maintain the overall discipline in the college.
Examination & Time Table Committee
  • The committee conducts various examinations, prepares time table for examination as well as classes & makes security arrangement for smooth conduct of the Examinations.
  • It also prepares a report of evaluation and assessment of the already conducted examinations and prepares the list of debarred students.
Public Relations Committee
  • Training & placement
  • Mentor System
  • It looks after overall relations between college & parents of the students.
Admission Committee
  • The committee abides by the guidelines of the university (RTU) & the council (AICTE).
  • The committee prepares the selection list of the applicants on the basis of merits & verifies the applicant's testimonials & their result in the official result book.
  • It also prepares the list of students with their father's name, address and mobile numbers & updates the same.
  • It also determines the cut-off marks for admission in various classes.
Print & Media Committee
  • The committee publishes the newsletters, brochures, certificates for various competitions, magazines, diaries & news in the newspapers.
  • It will also continuously mentor overall library environment & will make a policy statement for development of the college.
Transportation Committee
  • The committee decides the route of buses.
  • It looks after the problems of the students & staff, related to transportation.
Career Guidance Cell
  • Conducts seminars, conferences and symposia etc.
  • Provides guidance regarding career options.
  • Plays key role for career development.
  • It arranges funds from different sources.
Library Advisory Council
  • Monitors overall environment of the library.
  • Prepares policy statement for development of college.
  • Takes decision about library purchases.
  • Takes steps for immediate computerization of library.
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • Comprises head of various departments.
  • Looks after administrative affairs.
  • Monitors academic records of the college.
  • Reviews the progress of ongoing programmes.
Mentoring Cells
  • Improves interpersonal rapport among teachers & students.
  • Mentor guides and advises the students.
  • Reviews overall performance of the students.
  • Mentor maintains contacts with the parents.

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