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Student Advisory System

An exclusive care of each student is taken at the college campus through this system and a healthy and homely teacher taught relation is maintained. The faculty member are appointed advisers for each small group of 15 students, who act as local guardian for the students for their academic and personal problems. The advisers encourage their advisers (students) to interact with them freely and support them in their overall personality development. The students thus never feel home sickness at the college campus.
Regular Performance Appraisal of Students
Various programmes are executed at the college campus for all round development of the students. Sports committee, Cultural committee, and Literal/College Magazine committee, each consisting of a staff counselor, a student secretary and three other student members have been formed who are responsible to organize various activities at the campus.
Personality Development Programmes
Each adviser regularly sends the performance report (attendance, mark sheet and other achievements ) of his 15 advisee to their parents at the end of first and second mid term examinations, so that they can keep a track on their ward�s academic and other extra curricular activities.
  • Outdoor games (Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Badminton) as well as indoor games (Chess, Carom etc.) facilities have been crated at the college campus by these committees.
Indoor Game
Outdoor Game
  • Fresher's Welcome programme and Teacher's Day Celebration were organized by the Cultural Committee.
Fresher's Welcome Programme
Fresher's Welcome Programme
  • A wall magazine “PECRCIANS” has been started by the Literary Committee at the college campus in which students & staff regularly contribute under Thought of the weak, Current News, Articles on recent burning topics, Poems, Jokes, Fun with mathematics, Sports etc. columns. This has resulted in a healthy competition among the students and hence in enriching their overall personality.

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