Co Win Mobile App | COVID 19 Vaccine Pre Registration Online, Step by Step Guide

Intending to provide vaccines to all the citizens of India, the Health Ministry has come up with a digital platform named CoWIN. This platform is capable of monitoring the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in real-time. It also incorporates a mobile application that allows users to self-register themselves to get vaccinated. It essential stores the data and enables the users to prepare themselves and get them vaccinated.

Thus, every individual who gets them registered with the help of this application will receive the vaccination the earliest as it is released in the market for use. The application is essentially the upgraded version of eVIN or Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network. The vaccination process is classified into different stages. These stages are essential for the effective distribution of the vaccines and delivering them at the earliest to those who need them the most.

The government has plans to vaccinate the priority groups comprising of the frontline workers and the emergency workers, in the first two stages. But, people who have co-morbidity will be given the vaccine only in the third stage. And to be able to receive the vaccine, one has to register for the vaccine through the CoWIN app.

Co Win App | Mobile App & Online Platform for COVID 19 Vaccine Online Registration

co win mobile app

Things To Be Noted Before Registering

There are a couple of guidelines that are essential to be kept in mind before registering yourself. The major points are discussed below:

  1. The development of the app was mainly done to help agencies have the track the distribution of the vaccines all over the country. It is also meant to help the users register for the vaccination process easily.
  2. Guidelines have been issued by the government to make use of the electoral polls from the Lok Sabha as well as the Legislative Assembly elections. These polls will be helpful in the identification of the priority population with the age of over 50. This population will be eligible for early vaccination.
  3. There will be no facility of on-the-spot registration available for the COVID-19 vaccines. Thus, to avail of the vaccines, one needs to pre-register themselves with the help of this app.
  4. Depending on the order of priority, frontline workers, healthcare workers, and the citizens above the age of 50 will be given the optimal priority. Thus, they will be provided with the vaccines the earliest. Then, the process will be followed by those below the age of 50 but who have certain co-morbidities.
  5. The sessions will be divided and will consist of 100-200 beneficiaries.
  6. The vaccination process itself would be pretty tight and will consist of a vaccinator officer who is legally authorized to administer injections. The team will also have doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and support staff.
  7. Apart from the mentioned team, NCC and a home guard along with the police will be present at the center. They will have the duty of assuring that all information is right or not before granting entry.
  8. After the vaccines have been administered, the person must be within the premises to observe the symptoms.
  9. Each person to get vaccinated need to prove their identity before granted entry. These documents would include Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Driving License, pension documents, and so on.
  10. To avoid any possible chance of a mix-up, each state will be receiving the vaccines from one manufacturer.

Co Win Mobile App – How it Works

The CoWin application is planned to have four different modules. These modules are made to ensure that the total vaccination process is carried out efficiently. Thus, this app helps in monitoring the entire process of process. The modules are discussed as follows:

  • The App has an ‘Administrative Module’ which enables the administrators conducting the sessions to create further sessions to help more people get vaccinated.
  • With the help of the ‘Vaccination Module’, the details of the beneficiaries can be verified and the status of vaccination can also be updated.
  • The ‘Beneficiary acknowledgment module’ will help send over notifications to the beneficiaries via SMS. It will also generate unique QR-based certificates for those who have already been vaccinated.
  • The ‘Report Module’ will focus mainly on the statistics of the entire vaccination process. The purpose of this module would be to prepare reports based on how the vaccine sessions have been conducted, the number of people who attended these, and so on.
  • With the help of the CoWIN mobile app would also be able to have a real-time monitor over the temperatures of the vaccines in the cold storage as well.

Where to Download Co Win Mobile App for Android (apk), iOS 

The concerned department is in the final stage of launching this mobile app. Along with this app, an online platform will also be launched where all the online services related to Co win can be accessed. The mobile app will be available to download on respective platforms (Android Play Store & Apple app store). As soon as the app is released, you will see the direct link to download it right here.

Steps to Pre Register Online on CO-win App & Online Platform

  • Eligible applicant needs to download the mobile app or visit the official platform
  • After that you need to Login using one time password
  • Then, the applicant needs to verify his/her identity by uploading identity documents. The department has identified 12 such documents
  • After the uploaded documents are verified, you will be able to pre-register
  • You will get the appointment details once done


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