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Apply For HSRP Without Any Hassle in India – Know All about the online process

The term HSRP is the abbreviated term for High Safety Registration Plates. This is now an important standard in certificate plates all over India. This is a number plate that offers high-security. It is developed to maintain consistency of a pattern of how a car’s registration number is shown around the country. This newer and advanced generation of number plates has been introduced to facilitate a lot of help to the owners. Being a citizen of India, you need to have these number plates affix to your vehicle at the earliest.

The Central Electric Motor Cars Policy of 1989 brought forward an amendment. This amendment makes it obligatory for any vehicle to be sold on or after April 1, 2019, needs to be pre-fitted with High Security Registration Plate (HSRP). This move was made by the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highway (MoRTH) to contain the risks of automobile burglary. It also helps in making it a lot easier and convenient to track the vehicles.

The dealers have been notified that they shall be supplied with HSRP along with the vehicles that are manufactured, by the lorry suppliers. The dealers are then supposed to affix the plates on to the vehicle.

HSRP | High Security Number Plate, Apply Online, Check Status, Installation

What Are The Features Of HSRP?

The High Security Registration Plates ate of optimal benefits to car owners as well as the law and order bodies. These plates are manufactured using high-quality aluminum. Each plate has distinct information alongside the registration number. It consists of a chakra hologram, which is chrome-based and is hot glued on both the front and backside. This is an excellent way to prevent forgery and consists of a unique laser code comprising of seven-digit.

Each plate is unique with respect to the vehicle it is affixed to. Thus, it is ensured that none of these plates can ever be re-used.

How To Apply For HSRP Plate Online?

Applying for High Security Registration Plates is now an extremely easy and convenient job. To help you get through the steps without any hassle, the guide is given as follows:

  • Head over the official for HSRP at bookmyhsrp.com
  • Select the location where you want to get this plate affixed, that is, at your home or dealer.

Book my hsrp

  • Choose a booking option. You get an option between HSRP with Sticker or Only Sticker. You have to Choose HSRP with Sticker.
  • Select the type of vehicle you own. Follow the icons and click on the correct one.
  • Choose the maker of your vehicle. This denotes which company has manufactured the vehicle.
  • Choose the state where you reside and choose your vehicle to be registered in. In this case, search and click on UP.
  • Select the class of your vehicle, that is, if you own a private vehicle or a commercial one.
  • Choose the fuel type your vehicle runs on (Petrol, Diesel, CNG, EV, or CNG+Petrol)
  • Again, chose the vehicle type. For instance, if you have selected a two-wheeler previously, choose if it is a scooter or a motorcycle.
  • Fill in all the information that is asked on the following page. Make sure to enter all the information about your vehicle as it is written in the registration certificate.
  • Confirm the OTP that you have received on your mobile after filling out the personal details.
  • Select the date and time slot when you wish to get it affixed.
  • Make the payment online. Enter your GST Number if you are registered under GST.
  • Confirmation of the order and the details will be provided back to you via E-mail or SMS.

How To Check The Status Of Your HSRP Plate?

  • To be able to view the status of your HSRP site.
  • On the homepage, look for the option named “Track Your Order” in the menu.

Track HSRP Status

  • Click on the link.
  • You will be leading to a login page.
  • Enter all the details correctly.

After entering the details, you should be able to see the status of your Plate. It usually takes a couple of days for the status to go online.

How to Apply For An Appointment (Or Reschedule) For HSRP Installation/Fitment Online?

If you wish to get your HSRP installed as per your convenience, here are the steps.

  • Visit the official website of HSRP.
  • Click on the Menu and choose the option “Reschedule Appointment”


  • Fill in all the details correctly.
  • Select a date and time slot.
  • Recheck the address and other information.

Following these few steps, you would be able to apply for HSRP online. This article aims at guiding through all the steps related to handling HSRP.

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